Leukoplakija mokraćnog mjehura

Hello I am from Macedonia.
I was having symptoms of frequent urination and bladder preassure and I’ve done cystoscopy. Doctors here in Skopje told me it’s bladder leukoplakia. I had surgery and doctors removed the leukoplakia.
After surgery my symptoms are way worse.
I am peeing every 15 20 minutes, and multiple times during the night. I’ve started bleeding 1 month ago, went to the hospital they put catether clean my bladder and give me antibiotics even I havent UTI. Now its 2 months since surgery and I am feeling worse than before. I am still peeing every 15 20 minutes, I have bladder and urethra pain and discomfort and blood same days. I am really afraid, doctors told me to take a lot of fluids, I do, take nitrofurantoin antibiotic, even no uti, but I am desperate nothing seems to work. This is all post operative. Can you please advice what I can do? I am getting married in a 2 months, I’ve lost my job because I can’t go to work, I lost my friend all I do is lay in my bed in pain. Please I need your advise and help. What can be wrong with me?

Thanks in advance



prim. dr. sc. Ante Reljić dr. med., spec. urologije, subspec. urolitijaze i urološke onkologije

That was probably an unnecessary surgery even though it is possible that your urologist suspected malignancy and undertake everything possible to exclude that.

I think that you should take prescribed nitrofurantoin, but also an ibuprofen 23x600mg daily during ten or twelve days and solifenacin once daily for next three months at least.

I believe that such a therapy will be helpful.

Good luck

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